Wobbly Tooth Watch and Top Tips for Teeth

It's a bit like Springwatch only we are going to watch Natty's 3rd tooth fall out.

Number 1 fell out and she didn't notice, having been pushed forward by, yet stubbornly insisting on co-living with the new tooth that was already behind. The dentist had assured me that this was nothing to worry about. She just looked a bit like a shark for a while!

We found the tiny peg next to her dinner plate. She seemed very nonplussed until we whooped and cheered and hugged her and said well done.
Naiively and in my 'cover all bases' way, I actually took her to the dentist the next day to make sure we didn't need prophylactic antibiotics. I recalled being told she would need them after any tooth extraction as infection from the teeth can lead directly to the heart. I was reassured that these were not necessary.

Number 2, well number 2 had a Fairy Tale entitled The Toothless Fairy written about it. It fell out and we didn't notice it was gone until toothbrushing time at bedtime. Where was it? Natty didn't know or really care. I suspect somewhere in the play park, nestled in the grass beneath the seesaw.

Funnily enough I cried. I wanted to keep that precious part of our baby girl that had formed part of her signature smile safe in my jewellery box. Or perhaps I was just so keen to leave it for the tooth fairy so as to teach her that tradition. But it wasn't to be, and we improvised.

Now, several months later, wobbly tooth number 3 is here. I noticed a gap that wasn't there before tonight. This time, Natty seems aware of what is going on and I've told her to keep it safe if it falls out. Fingers crossed...

Day1 - a little gap appears

Day 2 - the tooth is poking out!

Day 3, everyone is excited but it's still just wiggling

Day 4, big sister wiggles Natty's teeth

Day 8, My toes curled as Natty's tooth hung on by a thread!

Day 10, The tooth poked forward at the most unnatural angle.
Natty thought it was hilarious to show everyone.

Day 12 - It came out! Hooraaah!

If your child is reluctant at toothbrushing or dentist time you could try these tips:

  • Encourage your child to choose a novelty toothbrush that flashes or has glitter inside the handle. Give them a choice between 2
  • Some children enjoy the sensation of an electric toothbrush. Others can't bear it, but it's worth a try
  • Make up your own toothbrushing song and sing it every night. just something simple like "Brush, brush, brush your teeth, up and down and round and round" is enough
  • Use a timer to mark the time required to brush teeth. Set it for a couple of minutes. You could use an egg timer or some toothbrushes time themselves
  • If your child won't let you brush their teeth, try putting on a glove puppet or character bath mit before you hold the brush. They might let Sooty or a green frog do it instead
  • Use a visual timetable for your bathroom routine and encourage your child to remove each picture as each stage is complete. You could also make a timetable with objects
  • Take you baby to the dentist when you go for a check up and ask the dentist to look into their mouth even before they have any teeth. It's a good routine to get into
  • Buy a book about visiting the dentist. Usbourne do one, as well as a sticker version. Read it at home and take it with you on dentist visits
  • Play dentists at home. There's nothing like making it play to take away the fear

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  1. One of my twins has lost 3 teeth now and has 2 of her big ones and the other is just desperate for even one to be wobbly!

    Natty looks so proud of herself - just beautiful.

    Mich x

    1. I can imagine the tooth rivalry must be high between twins. Here's hoping for a wobble soon :)

  2. 'Toothwatch' like 'springwatch' I love it! That describes it perfectly. Just this week I was editing old photos on my computer and came across several I took just like this. a) tooth is wobbly, child is grinning widely, b) tooth is hanging on--barely, child looks vaguely excited/nervous, c) gap! Child is thrilled.

    1. Oh that is so lovely. We all do the same things with our children don't we :) xxx


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