Walkers Wholegrain Hoops and Crosses Review

You know me folks, I don't do reviews unless it's really relevent to the SEN world or something our girls would really enjoy.

Well, along came the chance to try some new healthy, tasty, wholegrain snacks from Walkers via Tots100 and, as diet is of the utmost importance to me, I thought we'd say yes and give them a whirl. Fibre and wholegrain is vital for Natty as she suffers with a sluggish digestive system.

A box arrived in the post for the girls. They eagerly opened it (who doesn't like receiving actual post).

Inside, a cheeky monkey, an educational board book about wholegrains and a sample packet of roast beef Hoops and Crosses.

The girls just managed a quick game of noughts and crosses with the crisps before devouring them in seconds. I think we can safely say they were a hit.

The crisps had a stronger flavour than any product I usually buy for the girls tuck boxes or after school snacks, but as they have only 85 calories, 56% wholegrain and no artificial colours or preservatives, I will buy them again. They also come in Prawn Cocktail and Salt and Vinegar, each suitable for vegetarians.

Perhaps cheese and tomato pizza flavour would be nice too...

This was a sponsored review for Walkers crisps.


  1. We bought some of these the other day Morrisons had them for 99p a pack to try with them being new. The kids loved them and we did try the noughts and crosses game but they kept eating them. I actually like them and although very much like Monster Munch they are a better size for little mouths

  2. I've read lots of these posts now and yours is the first one that mentions the book. Glad you liked them.


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