SEND in the Experts Podcast: Downs Side Up interviewed

Georgina Durrant interviews me for her Twinkl SEND in the Experts podcast

Powerful Podcast

It was a huge privilege to be interviewed recently for the cutting edge Twinkl SEND in the Experts podcast, hosted by author, teacher and The SEN Resources Blog host Georgina Durrant. 

You can listen here as we chat about Natty's journey through education, debate mainstream and specialist school placements, discuss what inclusion really means, unpick what constitutes equitable education and healthcare and signpost best practice for educators and medics alike.

"A lot of parents have fought very hard for our children to have access to mainstream school over the years. And I think there is an unspoken... perhaps... feeling that we are letting the side down if we put our children in specialist setting. It's such a personal decision and it is whatever is in the child's best interest"


Downs Side Up chat to Twinkl about life with Down's syndrome

Twinkl Magazine

You can read our interview with Lucy Carmen for Twinkl magazine on World Down Syndrome Day here. I talk about what Natty has taught me over the years and how I have reassessed how I define success. 

You can buy Georgina's book 100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play here.

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