An Unexceptionally Exceptional Birthday

Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday
(The soundtrack to the day)

One very happy 5 year old and her equally content 7 year old sister are sleeping soundly. 
Umpteen fabulous presents from dear friends and family have been ripped open.  Large badges with '5' were worn.
The sideboard is adorned with pretty cards. 
Many long distance phone calls have been received. Her Ladyship chatted to each and every one.

Mummy put the secret ingredient (l-o-v-e) into all the food.
We discovered that Taramasalata is not popular with little folk, even though it's pink.

Tails were pinned (well, Blu-taced) by little scarf-peeping cheats onto a donkey's bottom.  The parcel was passed, forfeits done, prizes excitedly received.  Parents were given a mid-party reprieve by some sleeping lions.
One nasty bump to the head was sustained and shrugged off.
A bit of a scramble ensued during the party bag distribution stage.

The kitchen is being tidied up by an exhausted Mummy with a smile on her face.
Precious memories have been made.

So, a beautiful birthday, a day like one you may have had yourself, not dissimilar to many that happen every day, all over the world.   It was unexceptional for all of that. 

Exceptional because it was our family, our friends, my strange choice in dips and my slightly ropey fairy toadstool cake. 

And truly wonderful because one little lady with Down's Syndrome celebrated her 5th birthday with her best friends from her mainstream class, all of them 'typically developing', and none of them giving her an ounce of special dispensation.


  1. Five years gone in the blink of an eye. Not an ordinary eye, an eye that is blinded by your beauty, dazzled by your cleverness, widened by your smile. An eye that sees a bright future, holds visions of hope and whose tears wash away the darkness . Leaving a vision of nothing but love x What a wonderful birthday blog shown through the eyes of a wonderful mummy xxx

  2. Oh, the inspiration that comes from a like-minded mummy x

  3. You created a wonderful moment for your daughter and her friends! It seems to have been a fantastic party!!! Happy birthday Natty!


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