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For all friends and family of any parent who has just recieved a diagnosis of DS for their baby, What to Say When a Baby is Born with Down Syndrome remains the most commonly shared Downs Side Up post. It has changed the perceptions of thousands.

Hayley Goleniowska heads to No.10
I gave evidence in Westminster at the Inquiry into the Disability Abortion Law which currently stands at 'up to and including during birth' for babies with 'severe handicaps'. This includes babies with Down's Syndrome. Read my Cautionary Thoughts on Ante-Natal Screening and its implications here.

As a Mencap Mumbassador I help highlight such issues as the need for respite and support for full time parent carers who physical and mental health is often on the line.

I am proud to be able to use Downs Side Up to raise funds. This year for World Down Syndrome Day, we hosted #LotsOfSock #selfies, asking people to donate £1 and share a photo of themselves in their funkiest socks - for we are all colourful and unique. We raised an utterly staggering £6300 for the Down's Syndrome Association and Down Syndrome International. Read What Did World Down Syndrome Day Achieve?

I am proud to back Jane Raca and Special Needs Jungle's campaign to improve legal rights for those with SEN in the Children and Families Bill.  

Read Sharon Paley's essential article on the illegal use of seclusions rooms in some of our schools as a method of dealing with children with challenging behaviour. Every parent and teacher should know about these inhumane and dangerous practices.

A post designed to foster better inclusion and strengthen links between home and school, read Advice For SENCOs: A Parents' Viewpoint here, based on articles and talks I deliver to SEN teachers.

More inclusive advertising benefits us all, when we see ourselves represented in the media. Read about our daughter Natty and her peers changing the face of beauty through #adinclusion. 

Dear Mr Geoffrey Clark is my letter to former UKiP candidiate who wanted compulsory abortions of babies with disabilities amongst many other nonsenses. Thankfully he was swiftly sacked.

Open Letter to Collin Brewer was a similar initial letter to Local Councillor Collin Brewer in the wake of his comments that some disabled children 'should be put down'. After months of campaigning he eventually stood down.

Sometimes the hurt comes from within the disability tribe. Here's what happened when Katie Price accused some parents of being lazy and ignorant in seeking support for their child.

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