Flu Jab Natty Style: The Vaccine

There's nothing like the topic of vaccinations to get people hot under the collar is there? It's Flu Jab Time. Do we, don't we? Should you, shouldn't you?

It's that time for Natty's flu jab again

But as the mum of a child who is susceptible to respiratory

Adam's Diary: Through the Years with Down's

I few weeks ago I was contacted by a woman who is working with her son Adam on a writing project I'm sure you'll love:

I have a son, Adam, who has Down's syndrome.  He is now 53 years old and has worked at Newbury Post Office for 28 years and has been married to Cathy, who also has Down's, for 20 years. They live independently in a flat.

Adam has always been a joy and he and I are writing his diary, having one entry per year since his birth. The entries bring out his personality, as he is quite a character! I would love to share the first entires with your readers.

All good wishes
Linda Veness

Adam’s Diary

17 August 1962
My name will be Adam. It is four days before my birth. It is Saturday and    

NIPTs: Human rights, ethical questions and a call for unbiased support

This morning I arose at 5.30, bleary eyed from late night research and failed first drafts of this post. The words were not flowing.

The rest of the household woke, and the bustle began, but one person noticed my pensiveness. Natty drew me down to her face level, looked intuitively deep into my soul and said ‘It’s OK Mummy.’
Are we giving the right support and having the right ethical discussions as we roll out NIPTs

UK's Biggest Selling Glossy Feature Model Natty: Why it Matters

The media communicate to the masses what is acceptable, what is 'the norm'. The fact that the UK's most widely circulated glossy magazine has featured a child with a learning disability as an angel in their Christmas edition is very important news indeed

Natty features in Good Housekeeping Magazine, photos by @Katie Wilson 

All children love a cool outfit and who doesn't love sparkles and glitter, even if they did happen in August for Natty and I. 

It was an amazing day in London, we were spoit rotten, we met incredible women, but most of all, we were helping to bring Learning Disability into everyone's homes, into all areas of life. No longer should anyone be hidden away from view.

The Perfect Christmas Dress from Frugi

When a girl has a birthday on the horizon, and Christmas party season is just around the corner, she needs a frock that will take her from leaf-kicking in the park to supping squash with friends and on to showing off her latest dance moves when the celebrations really get started.

The perfect Christmas dress from Frugi

5 Down's Syndrome Books You Need Now

5 Books you might need in your life right now are 5 books that are sitting proudly on my desk, and I can truthfully say that each is as wonderful as the other, yet each is as unique and different as our children

1) Black Day by Marcus and Mardra Sikora

Black Day by Marcus and Mardra Sikora

Sally Whittle on Respect, Compassion and Disability

When I asked (possibly wine-fuelled) at the recent MAD Blog Awards if Sally Whittle (the founder) could find time to write a little guest post for Downs Side Up, I was flattered and surprised when she said yes. Because this woman really is one very busy person!

Sally Whittle happens to be one of the women I respect the most in this world of blog. She's a brilliant single Mum to an incredible girl called Flea, she writes with integrity at Who's the Mummy and heads Tots100, Trips100, HIBS100 and the Foodies100

The plates she spins are full to the brim, yet she is fun, down to earth and full of integrity. I doubt whether she would stand for much nonsense.

Thank you Sally for finding the time to write this important post on your views of respect, compassion and difference:

Sally Whittle's lesson on respect and compassion

"I can’t remember a time when we didn’t spend time with people who had disabilities, whether learning disabilities or physical disabilities."