Thank YOU for your fundraising efforts this World Down Syndrome Day


Together we are a powerful force. We are a team. Team T21.

This World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st, you all sent a text for £1 or more and spread the word amongst your family, friends and colleagues, asking them to do the same. 

It didn't take much effort, and yet together we raised an astonishing £1885 for the Down's Syndrome Association. 


Team T21 raised £1885 on World Down Syndrome Day

You can still add your donation by sending a text saying SOCK57 £1 to 70070 

Out of the mouth of Babes

Our children really do have the power to stop us in our tracks with the unique way they view the world don't they? Out of the mouth of babes do we learn...

Beware of the whales!

Sometimes they make us stop and think. Other times they misunderstand a fact we take for granted and the results have us all in stitches. And then again, their honesty can floor us in seconds. 

This week, at bedtime as I was tucking Natty in with her new teddy, I told her how there was only one more day of school before the Easter holidays. Her little face cracked into a wide beam and she squeezed me enthusiastically tight.

I told her that we are going to do lots of fun things during the holidays, that we'd make a list together:

"Like painting and cooking." I said.

"And swings and slides and swimming?" she asked.

"Of course. We'll do lots of things you love. And we'll see lots of friends too. We're going to Wales to see some of Mummy's friends as well."

There was a pause while Natty pulled one of her trademark 'disgusted' faces.


I don't want to. 

I hate Whales. 

They're big and scary. 

And sharks."

Well that certainly was not what I thought she was going to say. So off to the drawing board with explaining certain geographical locations we go. Might just be easier to stick to Cardiff to avoid confusion though. 

Swapped at Birth Because he has Down's syndrome

About 10 days ago I received an impassioned plea from a trusted online friend, Daniel Vais who works at the amazing inclusive dance group Culture Device Dance Project. Sarah Gordy is one of their most famous dancers and their productions are legendary.

Could you help Ahmed, swapped at birth and now a refugee?

The email cut straight to the point. Money was needed to help a little boy with Down's syndrome, born in Syria and swapped at birth for cash. A midwife made the swap without the other baby's mother's knowledge. She is now wracked with guilt and very ill herself. The 'adoptive mother' has just learnt of the situation.

Just when you thought they'd Let It Go, Frozen is back!

Frozen is back!

Natty isn't willing to Let this Lego castle Go

Just when you thought they'd Let It Go... 

Just when your sanity was returning and you were able to get your children to focus on anything other than snowmen and icy siblings...

My Top Ten Books About Down Syndrome

What are your favourite books, factual or fictional, for adults or children that have a theme of Down's syndrome running through them?

What are your top books about Down's syndrome ?

There are so very many and everyone has their preference. It's impossible to include them all here, but I think for me, the following would be my essential capsule library. These are the books I turn to for advice, those that make me smile, those that make me weep and those that have kept me going when the going got tough.

My Tops Ten Books About Down's Syndrome 

A Minor Adjustment by Andy Merriman
Sarah Merriman is six year's old, conventionally naughty and enchanting by turns, and a radio star. But unconventionally, she has Down's syndrome.

How Can You Get Involved in World Down Syndrome Day 2015

Saturday 21st of March is World Down Syndrome Day. It's a day of sharing information, of educating one another and offering support, as well as a day to share our stories and celebrate together.

Make a donation for World Down Syndrome Day

So, how can you get involved in #WDSD15?

What is Portage and why is it so powerful?

This article first appeared on the Mencap website

I'm a mother to eight-year-old Natty who has Down’s syndrome. Portage helped to give Natty a great start in life – she is flourishing in mainstream school and is also fronting national advertising campaigns as a model.

Natty playing with a portage toy
Portage is a powerful early years service

But people often don't know what portage is, so I just want to highlight why it was such a life-saver for me in the early days.