A Few Questions for Natty

Mike, Natty's Mighty Steed!

Here's Natty, talking about a few of her favourite things, in her own inimitable way.
Actually, less 'chatting' than is ususal, more 'rocking Val Doonican style', but a cute little interview none the less.  We hope you enjoy!


  1. Oh Hayley, This was so lovely made me cry AGAIN!!!!! Natty is such a sweetheart and she always makes me smile when im feeling down and she makes going to work always a pleasure.

  2. I would like to thank Natty and her family for putting up such an informative and thoughtful blog! : ) Many families I’m sure will now be reached by your site, in ways that would not be possible without your wisdom, help and emotional support. I wish you every success in your ongoing mission to help inform and educate the media all about Downs Syndrome! No doubt Natalia, you also have an exciting modelling career ahead of you too! Simon, Hastings, UK

    1. Thank you very much Simon, and for your lovely letter, which Mum hand delivered this week. I'd like to thank you too for supporting both my work and my parents in your way.
      I am very excited to have been asked to speak at the BILD conference in the Autumn. Onwards and Upwards we go...

    2. Hope you take them by storm : )



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