Britmums SEN blog round-up The Highs and the Whys?

If you're after a little reading matter this month, you could do worse than browse these inspirational disability and SEN blogs that I have gathered together for September.

Read The Highs and The Whys here

It's been an emotional rollercoaster of a month, with a new academic year for many with it's new beginnings and aspirations, the unparalleled Paralympics and what it meant for us all, a blog about the value of photography for children and Natty saying 'I love you' for the first time. I've found another wonderful blog by a young man who has Down's Syndrome too.
Our hearts have soared, buoyed along by these tales.

On the other hand it has been a months of dark stories in the media. Children locked in 'seclusion rooms', public discrimination of those with diabilities, the 'R' word, the continuation of the Down's Syndrome testing and 92% termination rate debate which rages on, this month fuelled by the Daily Mail and even The Archers' plot line and online poll, institutions in the States so large they are called 'warehouses', then just the general exhaustion felt by parents at times, and how we all worry about the new SEN reform bill.

I thus decided to call this month's collection of the blogs The Highs and the Whys?

I hope you enjoy them. Please don't forget to send and other blogs you are enjoying my way. Stick them under

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention in your round up. Home educating has been such an inspirational journey for this family and one we never regretted. We met several families along the way that had removed their children from school because their needs just weren't addressed and most went on to achieve such great things through using a different approach. Our own daughter was dyslexic (you'll read about her on my blog) and I'm sure had she been left in school she wouldn't have been going to uni now. So I just like to raise awareness of the fact that home schooling is a very doable option (- you'll find out more on my blog) and parents shouldn't be afraid to give it a go if circumstances allow. Best wishes. x


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