Down Syndrome Awareness Month comes to a close

Where on earth did October go? 
In a flash Autumn has arrived, pumpkins have been carved and a lot of blogging about Down Syndrome has been done 
by a lot of fabulous people worldwide, 
many signing up to the 31 for 21 (31 posts for Trisomy 21) or #DSAM2012 (Down Syndrome Awareness Month).

I for one have made new friends, found new contacts and Down Syndrome support groups, read new and incredible blogs, learnt a thing or two about Down Syndrome I didn't know, signed up to take part in art and photography projects, online surveys and made a pledge to help end the R word. 

I hope that by posting daily I have helped to spread a little awareness of what Down Syndrome really means today. I have hopefully shattered a few fears, opened a few hearts, enlightened a few who were ignorant, shone a light on a few shadows, offered some advice and support and of course, made you giggle too.

Do take time to look back over the month's posts, they are all collected on one page to make it easy to do.

And most of all THANK YOU ALL for sharing your personal stories, your photos and for helping to spread further understanding and acceptance of Down Syndrome.

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