Down Syndrome: Medical Mondays

Jen Logan of Down Wit Dat blog

Jen Logan over at Down Wid Dat is the Canadian Mum of twins, one of whom has Down Sydnrome. She is a nurse, and as such I find her blog a constant source of incredible information.
She's also a lovely supportive person, writes honestly and with clarity and humour and is well worth following.

Jen has also blogged daily during Down Syndrome Awareness Month, or 31 for 21, and each Monday  she has posted a medical themed article; Medical Mondays. I hope you find them as useful as I did. And when you have read those, pop over and see her twins in their monster costumes!

A Brief History of Down Syndrome

Thyroid Disorders and Down Syndrome

The Brain and Trisomy 21 part 1

The Brain and Trisomy 21 part 2

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