Constipation and Soiling: A Pain in the Backside

Yes, this is in our actual loo...

Last week I wrote a light-hearted and humorous post about a badly timed poo explosion in a posh car showroom: Timing is Everything - Poogate.

We've all been there, we can all identify with the embarrassment, the smell, the desperate need to find wet wipes and clean clothes. But I began thinking about the more serious side of poo problems.

Children with Down's Syndrome are more prone to stomach troubles, be it contipation, diahorrea or more complex structural issues.

The Down's Syndrome Medical Interest Group (DSMIG) published this leaftet, courtesy of the Down's Syndrome Association Gastrointestinal Problems in Children with Down's Syndrome if you have concerns.

The Bristol Stool Chart pictorially lists different consistencies of stool, to aid identification of contipation.

ERIC the Childhood Continence people have an amazing few pages on constipation and soiling that cover virtually every aspect of the subject, will answer many of your questions and provide suggestions that you can choose from to suit your child.

They also have information on Rock and Pop techniques, where you encourage your child to gently rock forwards on the toilet with their hand pressing the left side of their stomach, relax, then sit back and 'pop' the poo comes out. I couldn't find online examples of the leaflet.
 Please let me know if you have them.

Natty has a varied, balanced, healthy diet. She's a little 'fruit bat', but getting enough water into her is more of a problem.  We keep a drinks bottle on hand all the time and offer her little sips whenever possible. (Remember not to use a cup that makes children tilt their heads back, or jut their jaws out, but rather one with a simple straw. See Top Tools for Terrific Talking
Now we more or less have things under control with a tiny daily dose of a gentle child laxative and the addition of a couple of family favourite recipes, certain to get the whole family moving in the right direction. Here's the first...

Bob's Mother-in-Law's Home Baked 'Dirty' Beans

Bob is a chap I did some teacher training with many moons ago. 
He married a beautiful Japanese lady and it was her mother who created this recipe after trying the Heinz variety on a visit to the UK. She returned home and tried to figure out how to replicate the dish. I think she surpassed herself with a dash of panache!
They can be made in batches and frozen, and they will fight even the most stubborn case of constipation. I'd almost guarantee it!

1 onion
I pack of dried white beans
A chicken or veggie stock cube
Soak the beans overnight.
Boil the beans as instructed on the packet - mine were some Japanese white beans and took 90 - 120 mins to boil. You could speed up the process in a pressure cooker.
Change the water halfway through or you will have windy pops. 
(This can be verified by our family when we ignored Bob's advice!)

Fry the onion, bacon in a dash of olive oil until soft.
Add some water (maybe half a cup) & the stock cube to the fried onions.
Stir until the cube disolves.
Add a dollop of tomato ketchup and the cooked beans.
Stir, warm through and taste.
Add water/ketchup for the taste and consistency you require.
It takes a bit of time but it's not like you have to watch them boil, and tastes better than the 'real' thing. It's because you add the secret ingredient (LOVE) that makes them even better. (Mia makes a heart with her hands and blows the love through it into the recipe.)
Serving Suggestion:
Serve on marmited toast with a sprinkling of grated cheddar.

Thank you Mrs Sugiura from Kitamoto x

You might also like to read How to Increase you Child's Fluid Intake here.

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