Changing Perceptions of Down's Syndrome in MAMA UK

I'm proud to have been featured in a new online magazine called MAMA uk this week.

Changing Perceptions of Down’s Syndrome

This summer as a new mum of two I attended BritMums Live!, a blogging conference held in central London. I love such events, they not only provide a great learning experience but it’s also an opportunity to meet and mix with friends you have known online for years. And to enjoy a bottle or two of Prosecco, natch.
One of the most popular features of BritMums Live! is the Crowdsourced Keynote Speakers, which is the final item on the agenda. It’s a carefully curated hour of blog posts that are read out to the assembled audience by their authors.
This year I was so deeply moved by one of the speakers that I have been shouting about it ever since...

Read the rest of Alice Arnold's article here: Changing Perceptions of Down's Syndrome with Downs Side Up

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