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I was recently asked by Kate of Kate on Thin Ice to think about the Highs and Lows of 2012 (Click to read) for our family.  It was an interesting excercise to think over the last 12 months and focus on my hopes and aspirations for 2013.

I thought it might be nice to share your thoughts on your year past and present, for it is always a balancing process to think about where you are and compare your worries and hopes to those of others. I find it makes me stop whining about the little things in life like bad service in a shop or an under par meal.

It's healthy to put behind us negative thoughts and focus on the best bits for the next year. I don't believe in unrealistic resolutions of the 'I will lose 3 stone in weight, become a millionaire and learn to be a Nigella in the kitchen" ilk. They can only lead to insecurities and frustrations.
Instead let's celebrate the important things in life.

If you would like to take part, all you have to do is answer the following questions and add your blog to the linky below. Alternatively, pop your answers on our Facebook page or in a comment below.

1) What was the high point of 2012 for you?

2) When was the most challenging thing, the part that tested you to your limit?

3) What 3 hopes do you hold dear for 2013?

Much love to you and yours for 2013.


  1. Here is my response to the three questions: http://www.thefuturesrosie.com/2013/01/highs-challenges-and-hopes.html

    1. Lovely post Tom thank you, and some details I had missed (NY resolution to follow others more closely). The linky clearly does work as I have your post in the comments and on the linky. YAY!

  2. hey ill give it a go !
    1. Highlights of the year
    what a year! 2012 will go down.in history for me thats for sure. In March i gave birth to my first baby, a girl Jinny after the harrowing unfinished journey of the two little guys i carried before her, jinnys arrival marked quiet the occassion( but more of that later!:-) for me the ultimate highlight happened only a couple of weeks ago at christmas, my dad suffered a cardiac arrest in april 2011 he spent 3 weeks in a coma 8 weeks in icu and we were told he wouldnt pull through and to say our goodbyes. As i sat in the hospital corridor with my husband i welled up at the thought of losing my dad, a wonderful kind and witty irishman,but what hit me hard was that hed never gotten to be a grandad, with his santa white hair, his constant chuckle and huge garden shed he would have made the perfect grandad. we had recently lost a little boy ( in the same hospital) so it was all very raw. somehow he pulled through he made it. to everyones shock he came home, fighting fit ! this christmas morning as he opened his present from Jinny his first and much adored grandchild. i felt a huge sense of emotion, her smiling up at him, him crying at the snowglobe with pictures of them together inside! a rare and special.moment without doubt the highlight :-

    the greatest challenge !
    On March 30th 2012@ 6am my husband & i set off to hospital, excited (him) anxious (me) terrified (both) by 11.17am our lives had changed forever, more than we knew at that second.jinny arrived into the world with a sneeze! we all laughed. she was whisked away to be examined i was taken to recovery, liam went with jinny. i knew all was not well and i kept asking where she was where liam was, a midwife came to me and said your daughter has shown some sign that she may have downs syndrome but she needs a blood test to check. She left and i lay there alone with my world crashing round me. Liam joined me a minute or two later and the pain in his eyes hurt more the pain in my heart. jinny went to scbu to sort out her jaundice and we went back to the ward with no baby a morphine drip and a million fears. we sat looking at each other in silence while the nurses found a private room for us away from the celebratory phone calls happy families that surrounded us. i think it was 2pm before we spoke we just sat and cried. We had to take the plunge and call oyr families to tell them jinny was here and shed brought a little extra with her! those phonecalls were the toughest challenge, "congrats youre a granny/grandad/aunt/uncle " "cheers yelps & squeals followed, once the cheers subsided we told each of them quietly "they think she has downs syndrome" silence silence silence.....
    anyway we made it to 2013 with help support and hope coming from an array of sources and most of the hope coming from the social media champions who paint a much brighter picture than wed painted for ourselves!

    hopes for 2013 well thats easy
    for it to be better than 2012 :-):-)

    1. Thank you for this incredible post and your honesty. I can't believe they told you without your husband present #rulenumber1
      Yes, the phonecalls are hard, and the crushing fears and belief that life is over haunt me still. That is my motivation for doing what I do, to paint a realistic picture with hope. H x


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