Readers' Stories - Andie Barker

Andie Barker sent in this poem she wrote in the early days after her daughter Hope was born. It is honest and full of love. It will bring a lump to the throat of even the hardest hearted.

Hope: Pretty in Pink

  • I think she has downs I heard them say
    No my head screamed, oh god no way
    They passed her to me, I didn't look
    They put her to breast she started to suck,
    But something was wrong, 
    As a mum I knew
    Her hands feet and body were turning blue,

    Get the doctor I heard them call
    As the walls of my mind began to fall,
    I couldn't do this they must have it wrong
    Where was my princess I wanted so long,
    The doctors came with a look in their eye
    As they took her away, I was scared she
    would die

    Then it hit me like boom in my brain
    Pull yourself together you're a new mum again
    Fighting for her life among wires and things,
    Machines making noise ping ping ping
    She has to pull through, she has to stay strong,
    She's my flesh and blood, don't make me wrong

    Sink or swim my time was here 
    and now,
    Decisions I made would alter everything somehow
    For two whole minutes I had doubted me,
    Now I'm the proudest mum for the world to see
    Nobody wishes for a child with special needs But we get what we get, when we sow the seeds

    Babies don't chose to be born this way
    It's nobody's fault, believe in what they say
    So things will be different, things will be new
    But your new baby waits for nobody but you
    We named you Hope when we knew you were a gal
    A name you have lived up to it fits you so well

    You're not the end of the world as they led me to think

    You're our gorgeous daughter all cute wearing pink .


  1. What a good poem, and a beautiful photo to accompany it. You hit on that fleeting bitter note of self-doubt that we probably all have when we first hear our new baby has Down's Syndrome. But as time goes on we settle into the role of a proud new mum. Your baby is adorable Andie.


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