Reader's Story by sister Jen Julien

I adore this story of the love of an older sibling and of everyday happines. Great pic too!

Hi there, my name is Jen & this is my little brother Jack who is 6 years old & in Kindergarten. Jack loves sports he loves swimming & playing catch with dad & his brothers & his neices & nephew who are older than him lol :) 
We are 30 years apart in age & have different moms, and have other siblings but we sure love each other a whole lot!!!  We have another brother who has Downs as well in our family & his name is Garid, he is 26 years old and is a sports guy & loves to watch wrestling.  
I never thought that having a little brother would change my outlook in life so much but it has. It's taught me to slow down, take a look around, don't judge & love a little more, and give a smile to someone who needs one!  
Jack is the love of my life, I am so blessed that god gave him to our family because I can honestly say that I needed him in my life. He has brought so much love & laughter to our family & we are just so so so blessed!!  This is Jack on the merry go round with his neice Kaedyn (KaeKae) they are 4 months apart in age! :) 

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