Reader's Guest Post - a big sister

I simply love this post. It's written by an older sibling and her little brother sounds just like Natty! It really put a smile on my face. And what a gorgeous picture!

Toni and Logan

  • I have been enjoying reading your guest posts for a while now and been thinknig about writing my own. I am not much of a writer and find it difficult to put what i want into the perfect words, however with it being a special week this week i am going to go for it and introduce to you all a little buddy of mine. 

    I am writing about my younger brother and best friend..nothing more,nothing less it wont be fancy or poetic just honest and true.
    So almost 10 years ago Logan came into our lives,the youngest of 6 siblings he was always going to be spoilt never mind the fact he has that something special(yes he just happens to have Down's Syndrome). 
    I believe our family changed for the better since Logan became a part of it, he was sent to look after us in ways i dont really know how to explain.

    10 years on and he is an incredible little boy,because he is Logan,not because he has Down's Syndrome..thats just a small part of my buddy,i will fill you in on the rest...
    Logan has many interests, he loves watching DVDs and collecting the figures/teddies that go with a film and acting it out the whole way through(mum has to buy films several times as they run their course), he loves going to the park and as he gets older thinks he can now "go by himself" at any time of day/night he hasnt quite got it that parks are not suitable places to be in the dark!! 

    He loves the water.Bath,sea,pool..give him the space and he is free for hours and hours.Logan has just learnt to swim with arm bands,his favourite move is dipping his face in and out of the water as he goes!
    Logan has just begun a new hobby of football..he refused to go at first until he was alllowed to wear one of his brothers old football shirts with new football shoes of course!

    Logan loves to play jokes and warned if you ever enter into a game of hide and seek.(you will need to spare a day) He likes to tell and recieve secrets but will never keep them,yes he will tell mum hes brought her a cup with his face on it for her birthday!
    Logan has a huge imagination and will turn the most boring hour into something ridiculously will be at home one moment and then laying on the "beach" the next (sleeping bag,trunks,sunglasses and even suncream all provided courtesy of logan)

    As his independence grows He loves to "help you" with anything he can, making his own drinks,cooking,cleaning looking after you when ill. This one is probably his all time best, he thinks its fantastic when one of us is illl and you will not find more sympathy than from Logan!! However he has also learnt how to play ill and enjoys pretending to get a day off school because he is "hot, tummy hurt,poorly head" oh and the magic cure is without a doubt always a hot water bottle!!!

    Logan loves to share his love,doesnt matter how many times he has told you he will tell you again! he also knows how to bargain with this for his own advantage..He NEVER sleeps the whole night through and my mum will say with honesty since he was born she has not had a full nights sleep. That said she loves hearing his footsteps plodding along the landing and creeping into her at silly o'clock!

    Logan has many friends and has recently discovered face time on his i-pad,we quickly learnt to delete any numbers of friends he has spoken to and not keep them saved as that household will also not sleep!! One of his best is a cuddly toy dog,logan has had this for years and still loves him,he named him DOG,that is his name and dont forget it.
    I could talk forever about Logan and how he has become my little best friend over the years but i have probably bored you already,i just wanted to give you an insight into my little brothers world. he has changed us and helped us to become better people.We laugh more,shout less,give in when we shouldn't,and keep the big kids inside us for longer.

    My mum is more amazing than she already was..she embarked on an incredible journey after giving birth to Logan(in the hosp car park no less...of course he had to make an entrance) one which they continue to travel..together they are destined for greatness and wrinkles im sure.

    Their next big adventure is home-schooling, teaching eachother great lessons along the way. 

    So Logan, my Buddy thankyou for choosing us. 
    Happy awareness week to all..and an amazing WDSD 2013!! 

    Your big sister Bones xx

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