Happy Easter /Norooz: East meets West


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World Down Syndrome Day

Fabulousness that brought thousands of families and support groups closer together. I was so honoured to be a part of that, the collaboration and sharing of stories, advocacy, education and little fundraising. We managed a staggering £1850 this year, all for the Down's Syndrome Association and the invaluable work they do. 

But BOY, how wonderful it was when term ended and offices closed and Tweeting eased and nobody emails to ask for articles. 

Yep, the school Easter holidays have arrived, and our girls are at home with us. 

Bob and I determined to switch off to everything but family and friends over the long weekend. Not even a smidgin of blogging or email-checking, only phone calls to family and friends.

Rebirth. New beginnings. Forgiveness. Spring. 

We actually began on Friday by thanking our chickens for the eggs they give us and have continued do so through the cold harsh icy Winter. Their house and pen and equipment was given a thorough Spring clean, the first dry day with a sprinkling of sun that allowed this opportunity. Fresh straw filled their beds and nesting boxes. A lunch of broad beans and cabbage and crusts and porridge leftovers.

They cooed and came close for feather smoothing as we worked and talked to them, singing. 

Then much crafting and making of Eastery things. My days as a teacher taught me that the process is so much more important than the product. The girls enjoyment of doing far outweighs the look of what they make. There were painted eggs and bunnies with bows and chicks with googly eyes and a funny egg-chick-pig creature and some sewing and some bunting.

Natty spotted the googly eyes on the craft box and immediately launched into song...!


Daddy Downs Side Up was in full baking mode, with pies and cakes and a giant hot cross bun, more like an Italian  Easter Colomba cake, all for our delectation.

There was snuggling on the sofa too, watching films such as Swallows and Amazons, Swiss Family Robinson and Hop. 

On Sunday we joined friends for a wonderful shared meal. 
Children played happily and safely, oblivious to each other's differences and adults caught up having not seen each other for months, a kind of large extended family made up of friends and acquaintances. What was wonderful was that we were celebrating a joint Easter and the Persian New Year Norooz. The feast we shared was traditionally Persian in origin, laden with fresh herbs, eggs and other symbols of life and new beginnings.  But there were Easter eggs and chocolate and tulips and daffoldils and a giant fluffy chick in the room as well. 

And why not indeed, for we are all different and have different backgrounds and upbringings. I see our aims as pretty much the same. Happy Easter/ Norooz to you all. H x

The Norooz table


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  1. Process not product - thanks ;)

    1. One thing I firmly have planted in my head from my teaching days. We repeat it weekly ;)


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