Recipe for Healthy, Homemade, Low Fat, Fruity Frozen Yoghurt

We are so lucky to be experiencing some sun this summer, and my girls are asking for icecream and cold drinks at the drop of a hat. 

Now I am always concerned about letting them have too many sweet treats, so when I heard on the radio yesterday that frozen yoghurt was more hydrating than ice cream as it contains more water, as well as of course being healthier and much lower in fat, I set about finding a recipe. This one was taken from the BBC Good Food website.

We had a punnet of strawberries in the fridge that were a couple of days past their best, looking rather sad if the truth be known, so we used them, but any berries would do.

You will need:

Large handful of strawberries
Half a can of condensed milk
large tub of natural yoghurt

ice cream maker and/or freezer proof tub


Wash and puree fruit with a blender or smash down with a fork.
Stir together with condensed milk and yoghurt.
Pour into ice cream machine or semi freeze in tub in freezer before mixing round and freezing until set.
I re-used the yoghurt tubs to store the ice cream.

Remove from freezer 15 mins before you want to eat the ice cream. Serve in cones, wafers, alone in a dish or with fresh berries.
We liked it on top of some home made jelly! There's a stash in the freezer for when Natty and Mia have had their tonsil ops...

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