Kicking off Learning Disability Week with a vlog about confidence and friendship

I was asked by the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities to put together a designated blog post for them as part of Mencap's Learning Disability Week #LDWeek13 this year.

I was honoured, and set about thinking how best I could join in with their theme of planning for the future and safeguarding. At 6 years old, Natty's adult life seems far far away, so I decided to chat about the importance of self-help skills, and specifically making friends, which in turn boosts self confidence and self-esteem. Vital commodities for us all.

Armed with a new iMovie Phone App, I decided to try my hand at a vlog, incorporating an interview with Natty and some lovely photos. I warn you, I am very much an amateur, but I do hope you can find a few minutes to sit and enjoy our chat and then join in with the #LDWeek13 celebrations by using the hashtag on Twitter, posting to Mencap at Twitter and Facebook and adding your posts to the linky below.

Watch out for my equally suspect poetry skills on Wednesday, when my #superhero post for Mencap airs!



  1. Really enjoyed this Hayley. It's great to read and hear the ideas of those treading the boards before us. Natty interviews so well (far better than me in fact). She gives us great hope for Rosie's future. I know all our children are different however there are similar things to tackle that we've not had to think twice about with the boys and some of those are the life skills you mention. Thank you. Much love to you all.x

    1. Thank you for linking Tom and to Paul too who is a few steps further along the road than all of us. Much love to all x


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