Warrior Mums by Michelle Daly

I am very proud to feature alongside many inspirational disability advocates and campaigners in new book Warrior Mums.

A few months ago I met a truly inspirational lady, Michelle Daly via Twitter. In  nutshell, Michelle was the youngest person ever to become the legal guardian of someone with a disability in this country back in the 70s, and she has written an incredible story about her journey with Marie in her must-own book With a Little Help From My Friends.

Michelle and I struck up an online friendship and I followed her blog with interest as she featured many wonderful women who have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstancles to push forward to create real change for those with disabilities. I was incredibly proud when she asked me to write a little post for the series too.

Then, a few months ago, Michelle excitedly announced that she was publishing a book from the collection of uplifting, emotional yet often heart-rending personal accounts.

Warrior Mums by Michelle Daly is now available on Amazon at £6.89, and better still, Michelle is very generously donating all proceeds from the book to charity Mencap. It really is the perfect Mother's Day present and a way of supporting Moms (and, let's face it, Dads who feature on the cover and within the stories) around you who might find comfort in its pages particularly if their stories are similar.

Jan Tregelles, head of Mencap writes:

As Chief executive of the Royal Mencap Society, and also as a mum, I have the utmost respect for parents and carers, many of whom sacrifice a huge amount, but also gain a huge amount of joy and insight, from caring for loved ones with a learning disability.
Family is at the heart of the Royal Mencap Society. We were founded in 1946 by Judy Fryd, mother of a child with a learning disability and, 68 years later, family continues to be at the heart of everything we do.
We are honoured that Mencap has been chosen as the beneficiary of Warrior Mums by Michelle Daly. We are also humbled by these amazingly brave women who have shared their stories so powerfully. It is only by harnessing the love, positivity and hope of all the people with a learning disability and their families that we will be able to change things.
In your name, and in the name of all people with a learning disability and their families, Mencap will continue to fight to ensure that everyone has the freedom to live a life without fear and without limit.
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