Make Positive Choices for Learning Disability Nurses: Together we are Better

The force for change that is the wonderful Helen Laverty recently hosted the 10th Positive Choices Conference for LD Nurses and professionals in Kingston #10PC14.

I was so very sorry that I could not attend to speak as invited, I was so very disappointed not to be able to meet the medical angels that support us all, and the incredible, inspirational speakers she had lined up, such as actress Sarah Gordy (who has DS), who has become an online friend. Infortunately illness and storm-damaged railway lines conspired to keep me in Cornwall, so in lieu of my speech, I made a little film for the delegates, a film outlining the role of learning disability nurses for our family, what they have done for us and what they mean as we move forward through Natalia's life.I wanted them to know how vital their job is. 
You can watch it here:


I sat down to watch more films created at the conference and watching the clip of highlights of the first day I knew I had missed out on something really special. Soon enough, I had tears of joy and gratitude flowing down my smiling cheeks. 

I suddenly realised where we were all heading. 


Just ask yourself, 'What is inclusion?' before you watch...


'Inclusion is the future.'
'Inclusion is belonging to one race, the human race.'
'Inclusion is a basic human right.'
'Inclusion is struggling to figure out how to live with one another.'
'Inclusion is elegant in its simplicity and awesome in its complexity.'

Helen very thoughtfully sent me a goodie bag after the event, arguably the best swag bag ever, including beautiful handmade hearts which are now hanging in the girls' rooms, and a simply fabulous DVD featuring band Mix It, the epitome of inclusion.

Together we are better: LD nurses

Helen, thank you, I promise I will be there next year, come hell or high water. And to all who support families like ours, thank you for what you do. 

'Together we are better!'

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