Happy Birthday Prince George: A Right Royal Frugi Gift

It's a time for celebration!

Bonny Prince George is one!
Frugi have been given the Queens award for being thoroughly ethical and fabulous and making scrummy clothes and being lovely employers!

And we are part of a very lucky little bunch of folk to be sent a gift to mark these events!

(Shouldn't it be the other way round Frugi, shouldn't we be sending YOU a gift...?)

Although our girls are too big to shoehorn into the beautiful soft organic cotton limited edition T shirt, we eagerly and excitedly accepted it. It arrived in a beautiful box, wrapped in tissue and accompanied by a signed certificate proving it's rare authenticity. 

As with most Frugi garments, it's funky, made to stand the test of several rough and tumble children, and is suitable for girls or boys.

After taking an eager peek we sent it winging its way with love to Mia and Natty's one year old nephew, Max. 

Max is a very busy Prince himself and we knew he would love the appliqué design of a happy and gentle Prince George riding on a cute green dragon. Just the job for a little extra warmth as the sun dips after a long day in the paddling pool, stretching out at baby yoga or when covering the walls with dinner.

Max is nearly 18 months old so we asked for the 18-24 month sized T shirt. Frugi clothes are so generously cut and made roomy enough to be comfortable for little tummies and chubby arms and legs, that I think it will fit him for a couple of years to come!

I am handing the Frugi Family blogging baton over to the wonderful Global Mouse Travels now, let's see where the Dragon takes her clan...

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