Sit up straight with SHOFT: tiny piece of back pain innovation

I like PR peeps, but I couldn't eat a whole one... 

Since Natty was a wriggly toddler I have suffered from lower back pain. I do now have regular maintenance physiotherapy, try to go to yoga classes when I can and wear a supportive pelvic brace for strenuous activity such as gardening. 

Things are under control, I still lift and carry Natty, no where near as much as I used to, but I do suffer from twinges every so often and nothing is more tiring than aches and pains. There's no escaping the strains on your back as a carer, but paying attention to your posture can be of benefit.

So when a little PR email offered a physiotherapist and osteopath approved gadget to help in the back department, I didn't hit the delete button for once.

Enter the SHOFT.

The what?


It's a little rubber device, installed in seconds, that fits over the seatbelt tongue (the bit you plug in) in your car. Simply by nature of its shape and non-slip material, a 'break pad' stops the portion of seatbelt that goes across your lap from slipping. Your lower back is therefore gently encouraged to remain against the back of your car seat and your entire back remains upright.

In a nutshell, the SHOFT stops you from slouching. 

'Sit up straight!' it says.

I was dubious when I received the product, but having trialled it for a few days, I now find driving a really comfortable experience. It's also perfect for our eldest who is a very tall 10 year old and in a booster seat. So, the 2 pack was a very welcome gift.

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