Flu Jab Natty Style: The Vaccine

There's nothing like the topic of vaccinations to get people hot under the collar is there? It's Flu Jab Time. Do we, don't we? Should you, shouldn't you?

It's that time for Natty's flu jab again

But as the mum of a child who is susceptible to respiratory
infections and who was hospitalised each Winter during the first few years of her life with Bronchialitis or Pneumonia or Croup or an ear infection, I don't consider this to be a difficut decision. Add in a past heart condition and we don't have to think twice about it. Flu can be a killer.

Monkey wants you to be a #flufighter
Flu vaccination time is upon us again and Natty will be going along to our GP next week for her injection/ nose spray which is available for younger children. Some surgeries offer the additional protection of covering carers too, so ask if you think you should have it.

You can read more about the children's flu vaccination here on the NHS website and get Monkey Wellbeing's poster here.

We made this little video last year to show you just how very brave we are:

So be a #flufighter and #staywellthiswinter 

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