Makaton Charity Advent Angels

Makaton is a kind of communication life line for many children. For those with little or delayed speech, it really does ease the frustration they feel. 

But not only that it actually helps the brain to form the connections needed to embed language. The more we sign and sign and say a word, the more likely it is to stick.

Mia uses Makaton to sign to Natty: Flower

When Natty was tiny I wondered if using sign was the right thing to do. I've heard parents say, 'but I want him to learn to speak...' and I wondered if signing and speech was an either/or dilemma. 
You can read Do We Really Need Makaton on the subject here. 

I know many parents worry, but rest assured Makaton will only enhance your child's communications skills. Natty naturally dropped each sign once she could say the word, and now she uses it when signing across a room or when really very excited. 

The girls were very excited to have been asked to join in with the free online Makaton advent calendar again this year. So, back in November we dragged the tinsel out of the loft and dusted off our angel wings to make this short film:

You can watch the rest of the advent video clips over on the Makaton Charity website here, including those made by schools, families and the inimitable Singing Hands. 

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