#StC15 and #Britmums Live Here We come!

This is one of those I-really-don't-have-time-to-write-a -post posts, but I feel I need to write a quick update whilst I'm chucking things into a case, packing books into a box, painting nails and honing speeches...

I'm off to Derby tomorrow to the Strengthening the Commitment Conference #StC15, attended by learning disability nurses and lecturers. It's a wonderful opportunity to work together to best support those with a learning disability and their families. I always come home brimming with ideas and enthusiasm from these events and I have been honoured to be one of the speakers. I'll be talking about how the language of the medical professionals has a powerful impact on those they work with: Your Words Count.

You can watch the events and speakers here

From there it's down to London to the annual Britmums Live. It's a wonderful whirlwind of a couple of days. Top bloggers, newbies, journalists and publishers share knowledge and expertise from the nuts and bolts of the technical side to the legal aspects and the ethical ones too. 

I'll be joining others to talk about Support Through Blogging and Digital Activism as well as reading the open letter Dear Richard Dawkins, You Are Wrong at the keynotes. I'm also incredibly astonished that Downs Side Up has been listed in the finals of the Inspire Category in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards for the fourth year running.

So to say I'm a little nervous is an understatement. It will be three exhausting days, but you can change the world a lot in three short days. 

So wish me luck. I can't wait to get home to Cornwall again to celebrate father's day with the children on Sunday. Will keep you posted.

Must dash...


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