A Poem by Jo Adamson: Would a Blood Test Have Helped

Jo co-owns a fabulous shoe shop in Bristol called Oddsox and is a busy Mum of 3. Big brother Alex is 16, Kitty, pictured below, is 8 (and has Down's syndrome) and Larry is the youngest at 6. 

Jo approached me a little while ago with a heart-felt poem she had written following the launch of the new ante-natal screening test for Down's syndrome. Simply called Would A Blood Test Have Helped, it sums up what many of us feel.

Kitty, 8, is the motivation for Jo's moving poem

Would a blood test have helped

Would a blood test have helped
Me make a wrong decision
What if I never felt
Her melt my heart 
To submission
Would a blood test have told me
She would hold me 
And tell me that she loves me
Would a blood test have given me the truth or lies in words that spell 
delayed learning
Would that have left me yearning
To destroy the little life that was growing inside
And ready to bring joy and grace 
To my sullen face
When she was put to my breast to feed
Would a blood test have told me
How much I would need her
To learn and grow 
And not weep and woe at my life
But be bright with the knowledge she would bring
Would a blood test have told me me she would make my heart sing 
Would a blood test tell me that after my last breath
I would look back on what I had left
And say thank you, that was different
But the very best 
journey I could've possibly shared
With my daughter
who I simply couldn't have cared
That instead of the paired 21st chromosomes
Was given a third, not part of the herd we deem and are keen to call 
Would I have seen 
Any of that 
In a blood test

Jo Adamson , Bristol

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