Give Your Blog a Treat with These 5 Merchandising Ideas

There are many ways to spread the word about your much-loved and carefully-crafted blog, and that can include having some personalised merchandise made to get your message across. 

Our personalised phone skin
from Case App
Every blog is different and it's fun to play around with a variety of ways of letting the world know about it.

Here are my top tips for some inexpensive ways to get your blog name on everyone's lips.

1 Create a Personalised Mobile phone or iPad Skin

The wonderful people at Case App UK let me have a sample phone case for free. It was so quick and easy to creat online using an existing photo. I could add text and clipart and choose from a variety of backgrounds. The case arrived swiftly and we all love it! 

Case App skins usually retail at £19 but Downs Side Up readers can get a 20% discount by using the following code: DSUCASE20

2 Design a Logo

If you are arty, have a go at creating your own logo or blog header or ask a friend to help. You can then use this as your standard avatar and people will quickly grow to recognise it.

3 Get Some Business Cards

There are many companies offering a range of quality and price ranges. You can even get free cards made if you shop around. Try not to make the same mistakes I do and leave the whole box at a conference or forget to get them out when you meet people for the first time because you are too busy talking...

4 Pin a Badge

You can have a couple of badges made with your logo, photos or products on them to wear to events or invest in a bulk purchase and hand them out to your readers.

Downs Side Up badges

5 Get T-shirty

This is something on my to-do list. I have a shocking memory for names and when I have to remember the blog name and avatar as well as the face I am really struggling. A blogger in a T-shirt really helps their blog stick in my mind.

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