The Frugi AW15 Collection and Why First Impressions Matter

When Natty as born, I had images of greying knee-length socks teamed with threadbare kilts and Mickey Mouse T shirts in my head. I saw a 'national health' haircut and glasses to match in my mind's eye. It sounds ridiculous, but that is what flashed through my head.

Natty and sister Mia model some vintage Frugi

I was wrong. My stereotype was born of ignorance and fear, and very quickly Daddy Downs Side Up and I vowed that Natty would always have the very best hair cut, clothes and glasses that we could find and/or afford.

This may sound superficial. 
It is superficial. 
But first impressions count. 

And they count 50x more when you have a learning disability and the whole world forms an impression of you before you have walked into focus, or even opened your mouth. When the most people think they know what your personality is based on outdated and narrow stereotypes, then perhaps sometimes your 'look' can be the first flag that causes them to reassess their thinking.

This is exactly why I wanted to show the world that our children with Down's syndrome are beautiful, can model funky clothes which they adore wearing, and can lead the way in the world of fashion.

Natty puts her Isobel Frugi cardigan through its paces

Fabulous organic kids clothing company Frugi were the first to take Natty onto their books over 4 years ago and she is still featuring in their colourful catalogues (*Klaxon* Watch out for the SS16 edition). We are very proud to be a part of the #FrugiFamily and are huge fans of their durable, gorgeous, soft, washable, so-great-you-can-hand-them-down-time-after-time clothes.

So a huge thank you to them for wanting Natty to model their Isobel cardigan this season (RRP £30). This gorgeous knitted cardigan is made from organic cotton, making it super soft, warm and durable. With a sweet front pocket and contrasting button fastenings, great for wrapping up this season.

Also available in Navy

Leggings, swing tunics and cardigans are Natty's staple look as they compliment her shape perfectly. They skim over rounded tummies and adapt to shorter limbs. She's just grown out of a yellow favourite, so we were delighted that they sent us this soft cotton cover-up in Ladybird red to review. It definitely got a thumbs up from Natty.

Thank you Frugi!

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