5 Down's Syndrome Books You Need Now

5 Books you might need in your life right now are 5 books that are sitting proudly on my desk, and I can truthfully say that each is as wonderful as the other, yet each is as unique and different as our children

1) Black Day by Marcus and Mardra Sikora

Black Day by Marcus and Mardra Sikora

Marcus is a talented story-teller. He also has Down's syndrome. He and his Mum Mardra, who blogs at Grown Ups and Downs, have created this incredible, visually-appealing book for children. It about a monster rock band, but at its heart is a tale of inclusion and a warning about setting limits.
Brad is a paper boy who wants to be a rock star, so when he discovers the band Black Day playing in old Professor Hammer's garage, he really wants to join. The band's monsters have a different idea and send him away, ''No humans!''  
Brad sets out to change their minds, but the monsters have bigger problems than finding a bass player.  
Halloween may never be the same again.

Buy an imported copy of Black Day on Amazon UK here, priced £12.50

2) Looking Up

Looking Up by Cornwall Down's Syndrome Support Group

This powerful book has a personal importance for me because we contributed in a small way to its creation as a family. The glossy hardback shows the pictorial journey of the first years of a selection of local families as their little ones with Down's syndrome develop. It shows the joys and the challenges in a beautiful and realistic way, without the need for words. A vital book for new families created by a team of committed Mums. 

You can buy a copy of Looking Up on Amazon priced £19.99 here

3) The Prince Who Was Just Himself

The Prince Who was Just Himself by Silke Schnee

Silke Schnee wrote this story after her son Noah was born in July 2008 with Trisomy 21(Down's syndrome). This book has helped them tell their story while teaching us all about inclusion and difference. And what a beautiful book it is. Deliciously illustrated and even with a silky soft cover. Our girls love it!

The story tells about a royal family that consists of a King, Queen and their two sons. The Queen wanted one more child. When prince Noah was born they noticed he was different right away but it didn’t change their love for him. The story then talks about the reaction of the people around them; much of it was not nice. The story draws to an end as the youngest prince, Prince Noah, saves their kingdom through a simple act of 100% genuine kindness. This act of bravery through his innocence changes the hearts of the people in the kingdom and they all love prince Noah, who was just himself.

You can buy The Prince Who was Just Himself on Amazon, priced £10.54

4) 321 Down Street by Keven M Card

321 Down Street by Keven Card

Keven is a fellow blogger, part of TeamT21 and blogs about life with his wife and son John-Michael from USA. His gripping fictional account of a couple coming to terms with an antenatal diagnosis has its roots very firmly based in fact and the personal experiences of many. 
What would you do if you were told your child would be born different... very different? 
When Sara and Jacob get the news that their baby will be born with Down syndrome, it threatens to destroy their marriage and their lives as their world suddenly spins out of control sending each of them each on a pathway of self-discovery and a boy with Down syndrome named Alex. They both discover that their baby wasn’t created by mistake but in fact by design.  
Although this book is fiction, it tells the real life story of parents around the world who receive the difficult diagnosis that their son or daughter will be born with (in this case) Down Syndrome and the emotional roller coaster they’re forced to face.  
However, what we’ve discovered since publishing this project is that the emotions for nearly all prenatal or at birth diagnosis of any “abnormalities” as it’s referred to by the medical community are extremely similar. So many of us find hope by seeing our futures in the eyes of those who’ve already lived through the journey that we are just beginning. We believe that our mission is to give our readers an experience that allows them to see through the eyes these parents and leaves them feeling hopeful of the future. It's through that hope that we know we can impact our culture and the lives of those with special needs and their families.  
Author’s note: As parents of children born with chromosomal birth defects, most of us grieve the loss of a child that never existed while feeling guilty for grieving. It’s a rarely discussed phenomenon but nearly every parent who receives this diagnosis experiences it in varying ways. Along the way we discover that our sons and daughters have a purpose and can achieve their own God given destinies. 
The world may see our kids as handicapped, incapable of a normal life! Truth is; our son, John-Michael is more than capable... he's amazing and he's the best thing I never knew I always wanted. 

Buy 321 Down Street on Amazon UK here, priced £9.81  

5) Can I Tell You About Down Syndrome? by Elizabeth Elliot

Can I Tell You About Down Syndrome? by Elizabeth Elliot

Meet David - a boy with Down syndrome. David invites readers to learn about Down syndrome from his perspective, helping them to understand what Down syndrome is and how it affects his daily life. He explains that he sometimes needs extra help at home and school and suggests ways that those around him can help him to feel supported. This illustrated book is ideal for young people aged 7 upwards, as well as parents, friends, teachers, social workers and other professionals working with children with Down syndrome. It is also an excellent starting point for family and classroom discussions.

The wonderful Elizabeth Elliot who works for the Down Syndrome Research Foundation UK has created a unique factual book written from the perspective of a young man with Down's syndrome. It is an easy-to-read book, accompanied by original illustrations that I wish we had been given when Natty was born. I am also proud to have been given a sneak preview of this book by Jessica Kinglsey Publishers before it went to print and to have been quoted on the back cover!
Thank you Liz x

"This book is a breath of fresh air! Written in the first person and accompanied by beautiful illustrations, it is accessible, factual, yet warm and personal, a testament to the love and commitment of Elizabeth's family. The book is easy to digest and packed with myth-busting information. Elizabeth has created a shining light of positivity that will be cherished by many, and will spark important conversations about Down syndrome today." Hayley Goleniowska: Downs Side Up

Happy reading!

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