Sticker Fun from Camaloon

Just this week I decided that Downs Side Up needed a treat. I don't mean the metallic grey leather Converse I found at half price in town for myself. No, I mean a treat for the blog and it's readers.

Funky blog badges from Camaloon

The lovely ladies at Singing Hands had sent us their latest Christmas DVD last month with a fab little sticker on the back of the envelope. A sticker that smiled to all the postal workers that carried it to my house, and told them about the invaluable singing/signing work these ladies do for our SEN community.

The sticker got me thinking. How about one for Downs Side Up? A little sticker we could pop on the envelopes we ship our little sibling support book I Love You Natty in? And we have a super logo designed for free as a kind gesture by the lovely Dad/designer Mark Travis.

So I had a quick look at the website of the lovely trusted people who made these badges for me ahead of Britmums this year. The people that were recommended to me at Britmums 2014 by Siobhan of Everone Else is Normal who was also wearing a blog badge made by them.... Camaloon.

I was relieved to see that 500 stickers were not going to break the bank. It was easy for a technophobe to upload the image and press print. So I did it there and then.

A few days later they plopped through the door, despite being lovingly crafted in Spain. I was ridiculously excited. About as excited as I felt when I first saw our book I Love You Natty in print.

So what does any self-respecting blogger immediately do? They Tweet/Instagram a photo of the stickers in action of course.
The new Downs Side Up stickers in action

Well the lovely folk over at Camaloon not only replied, but got in touch and asked a few questions and ended up writing a lovely blog post about Downs Side Up on their website. 

You can read Sticker Campaign with Soul here. AND they promised to send me some super duper logo magnets as a little gift. Squeeeee!

So now Camaloon are my new best blogging accessory friends. I thought you might just like to know.

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