Vote for Downs Side Up in the UK Blog Awards

Vote for Downs Side up in the Health and Social Care section of the UK Blog Awards 2016

Despite being enormously proud of our little blog and the people it has introduced us to and the changes it has helped bring about together with many others, I get enormously embarrassed about asking for votes when it is considered for an award. 

So much so that often even my Mum isn't aware.

So without shouting about why I think you should vote for us, I will just say simply being in these awards really does help spread our message and reach those that need it. 

If you have enjoyed any of our posts, or been made to think a little deeper about the way you perceive Down's syndrome, you can click the link below. 

Voting ends Monday 25th January 2016

P.s. If you see my mum can you let her know ;)

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