Chatty Natty Goes Live on Facebook

Never a social media platform to sit still, Facebook has launched a new-fangled way of interacting with our communities, and it's one that will benefit us all and bust a few myths about Down's syndrome.

Join us each evening for Facebook Live streaming

I was happily bumbling along my newsfeed the other day and stumbled across two different friends broadcasting via Facebook Live. Honest Mum Vicki Psarias was telling us about her celeb cooking adventures with Jamie Oliver, and Sarah Jackson, the Fermented Foodie was bouncing on her trampoline and chatting to all who were watching about getting healthy.

Usually I'm a bit wary of change, I can often be heard muttering about the way I can no longer keep track of my Facebook pages and those I follow over there any more. I am indeed, a bit of a social media dinosaur, algorithms make me shudder and I like it the way it was when no-one was on it. 

It's not that I'm anti-social, I just can't keep up with you all and somehow my family's posts get lost too!

But it was lovely to watch these gorgeous ladies live and to my amazement when I clicked the thumbs up for 'Like', Sarah shouted out my name! 

I 'may' have jumped in the air at this point, and insecurely run my hands through my hair! Was this Facebook Live thing two way?

Turns out it wasn't.


But it was fun to watch. The bloggers' personalities really shone out and I felt as if I was with them. This was an exciting new way to get involved and to learn from others.

So, here at Downs Side Up central we took the bull by the horns and had a go ourselves. Pretty much right there and then, as soon as we'd eaten our tea. We called it Chatty Natty and basically, well, yes, I filmed Natty being chatty, and big sister and the chihuahuas made an occasional appearance too.

We gave it no more thought than that really, but it was an enormous success, thousands tuned in and people were writing to ask us to name check their little ones with Down's syndrome who were watching. It dawned on me this was a great way to teach younger ones through peer pressure. Natty would have loved to watch someone older than herself teach her every day things.

So folks, Monday to Friday, we are trying to do a little 5 minute Live Facebook chat over on the Downs Side Up page each day. You can join us as we go on air and send little messages we'll respond to, or you can watch back afterwards. It's as simple as that.

We'll be showing you how to brush your teeth, feed the dog, do puzzles, sort laundry, read bedtime story books, telling you about our day and just generally having a little chat before bed time. 

The star of the show will decide on the night! Natty of course.

See you there. 

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