BBC Three Bust Myths with New Films: Down's Syndrome

BBC Three have been working on a fantastic series of films which bust myths. The first of these that caught my attention was a hilarious yet informative short, featuring my beautiful friend Victoria Wright. 

Watch What Not to Say to a Person with a Facial Disfigurement here.  

Apparently Bio Oil won't help, in case you were wondering...

BBC Three create new myth-busting film about Down's syndrome

Last month BBC Three wrote around asking for ideas for a piece on Down's syndrome. Several friends, including champions Sarah Gordy and Tommy Jessop, were put forward, as well as a list of the tried and tested myths we've all heard over and over.

And here's what they've created. Well worth a watch I'd say and it strikes a perfect balance between humour and thought-provoking fact.

And if you've ever wondered if adults with Down's syndrome can have relationships, if they are like children or if they can ever learn or have a job, this is for you.

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