Lip Warrior: A no-nonsense healing balm for cracked lips

Lip Warrior to the rescue for dry lips

Sore, chapped lips cause misery for many

This is the very first Winter of Natty's life during which I feel adequately armed to deal with her persistent dry, sore lipsIt might sound like a minor irritation to many, but for those of us with loved ones whose lip area dries and cracks to the point where it bleeds, we understand the suffering that this condition can bring. 

And if this applies to you or your child, you'll know the cost and time involved in trying out every lip product on the market. Our bathroom shelf could double as a lip balm shop!

Many people struggle to manage chapped lips; those with eczema or psoriasis, those with additional needs who may favour mouth-breathing and be prone to chelitis, those who work outside in the elements and even people on certain medications or with other underlying medical conditions. 

And did you know that some perfumed or medicated remedies can even make the problem worse!

Necessity is the Mother of invention

I became so desperate to ease Natty's discomfort last Winter, that I asked a friend who creates natural products for skin conditions to put on her thinking cap and help me create a pleasantly fragranced, protective and healing balm. One that was free from nasties and one that Natty wouldn't simply rub or lick off after application. This salve had to have staying power.

Almost a year later, and lots and lots of trial and error (balms that were too thin, too thick, that curdled, ingredients that couldn't be ingested, those that heal too fast or are allergens and even a batch that smelt like a damp dog - YUK!), we have lovingly crafted something Natty is eager to use, and more importantly that works wonders. 

We've called it Lip Warrior and we are delighted to be able to offer it for sale here in our Etsy shop for £6.99

Used liberally in combination with some simple Lip Warrior tips for dry lips this all natural, un-lickable salve smells divine, protects and heals thanks to its base of lanolin!* 

All natural Lip Warrior contains protective lanolin and vitamin E

So, without further ado, my friend Sarah the Freelance Naturopath and I are really excited to announce (drum roll please...) the launch of Lip Warrior! 

We really hope it helps heal your hellish lips as well. 

Update: Since launching the feedback has been incredible. Folk are using the balm for peeling cuticles, chapped cheeks, dry heels and even to help lipstick stay put. Lips everywhere are loving Lip Warrior too!

Lip Warrior's Top Tips for Sore Lips

  • Avoid salty and citrus foods
  • Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids
  • Cover your mouth with a scarf when out in the cold
  • Don't rub or pick your lips
  • Avoid any cosmetics, certain toothpastes or scented lip balms that irritate your skin (but do brush your teeth well and keep your mouth clean!)
  • Chat to your doctor as cracked lips can be a sign of an underlying medical condition or that you might need to change your medication
  • Carry your lip warrior everywhere and use it often! 

* 15ml Lip Warrior contains anhydrous lanolin (not suitable for those with a wool allergy), alkanet, calendula oil, pure grade vitamin E, vegetable glycerin and honey. Not suitable for vegans. Created lovingly in fresh batches in a kitchen that may contain all 14 allergens. Lip Warrior comes with the HerbMark quality of assurance. 

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