Specsavers KidsFit Disney range suitable for children with Down's syndrome #ad

Specsavers ambassador Natty loves her new KidsFit Disney glasses!

Goodie box from Specsavers

When Specsavers asked if I'd like to work with them* to spread the word to Downs Side Up readers about a new range of Disney KidsFit glasses made especially for children with small faces and low nose bridges such as many children with Down's syndrome, I jumped at the chance. 

I've always been a fan of our local Specsavers. Mia and I have have been regulars for years. But Natty has only just made the transition from specialist hospital eye appointments to mainstream opticians' eye tests and prescriptions and so is a fairly new customer.

Natty entertains with her famous eyebrow wiggle: 

From the outset Natty has been treated like a celebrity when she goes into the store, partly because she schmoozes, flatters and entertains the staff, and partly because last year she and her big sister Mia were awarded British Citizen Youth Award medals at the Palace of Westminster for their work towards education and inclusion. 
Low and behold the event was sponsored by Specsavers!

Mia and Natty receive their BCyA medals from Ashley Banjo

It was a day which I will never forget, one that made me immensely proud of both girls for all their achievements, but I think for them the fact that Ashley Banjo of Diversity fame, was presenting the awards and that the event involved mountains of cake and a tour of London in an open top red bus was the most important matter in hand.

Back to the Glasses! 

I was really delighted to learn that Specsavers have developed a range of glasses ideal for youngsters with Down's syndrome. The low set bridge on the glasses means that children are encouraged to look through the lens rather than peering over it. 

So often tailor-made ranges for our children can prove expensive or difficult to obtain, and with this KidsFit range available free with your child's NHS optical voucher it could represent a significant saving of time and money.

As you can see Natty was delighted to give the samples a try as soon as they arrived, even before I could take the stickers off the lenses! 

Natty models the new Specsavers KidsFit range #loveglasses

Then we popped in to have an eye test and choose 2 pairs for Natty. The whole team were very patient with her and made the eye test fun. Specsavers staff have a good understanding of visual acuity and specific eye conditions that children with Down's syndrome can experience, as well as putting an emphasis on ensuring that children's glasses are fashionable, practical and fit well.

Thumbs up for eye tests!

It's important for all children to have regular eye tests, not just to make sure that they have glasses fitted if necessary in order to see better for day to day tasks and school work, but also in order to pick up on any underlying medical conditions. 

Time to choose 

Natty's prescription is very mild and she often chooses not to wear her glasses, but they do help make her less tired when she's at school. And I secretly think they make her feel more studious and focussed!

Quite frankly she loved all of the vibrant and colourful glasses in the range, which make fun styles more accessible. She loved the Disney characters on the arms (and I liked that they were subtle enough to be stylish). 

Natty took choosing her glasses very seriously

And entertain the Specsavers staff

Not one to ever knowingly under-entertain a captive audience, Natty used the glasses as props for a full show of singing and dancing. After a few renditions of The Greatest Showman, she chose a pink Sleeping Beauty pair and a blue Cinderella pair, one for "bed time reading and the other for my school bag" she exclaimed. 

In her new specs, Natty sings This Is Me! #loveglasses

Designed to fit so they don't fall off #Kidsfit

Once they'd been ordered, we popped back in a week later to have them professionally fitted and checked. Then Natty was ready for action!

We'd love to thank Specsavers for catering for our children's needs so well, and hope that they extend the range in the future, perhaps designing age-appropriate and stylish glasses for older children, teens and adults next.

Susbstantial and stylish. Natty loves her KidsFit cinderella glasses.

The new glasses are certainly substantial enough to withstand Natty's rough and tumble lifestyle... I just wonder how long they will survive her Womble tendency to hide precious objects in strange places!

To find out more or view the full collection go to the Specsavers website here

* #AD We were sent vouchers for 2 pairs of glasses for Natty as well as a lovely Disney goodie bag and I was compensated for my time to write this review. 

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