Twinkl Resources Launch New Symbols App

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Twinkl have launched a new Symbols App

So, when I heard that the wonderful people at Twinkl, the educational resources gurus had  launched their new Symbols App and web communication system, I was really interested to learn more. They already have a large range of free SEN resources which is being added to all the time. 

The 'sign language' symbols are based on BSL and the rest of the symbols have been developed through research and schemas created by illustrators and approved by educators. 

These are unique to Twinkl but follow a schema to help children pick up and recognise the symbols quickly and accurately, so will sit happily alongside other systems.

Use the Symbols App to create visual timetables, reward charts or mood boards

Furthermore, alongside ready-made boards, the software also allows users to input their own images or photos, making it it extremely versatile, perfect for creating social stories and visual timetables and because it's compatible with a tablet or phone, pupils can do away with a lanyard full of laminated images.

For more information, watch the video below and then try the user-friendly Twinkl Symbols for yourself.

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