Poem of Hope at a Christening

This heartfelt, simple, yet powerfully optimistic poem was written and read to Natalia on the occasion of her Christening party by a dear friend of mine. It still makes the hairs rise on my arms when I read it now.
The party was held in our garden and attended by friends, family and key medical staff many weeks after she was Christened in her hospital incubator.

You are the new bud on an ancient tree.
You are the beauty beheld by your father's eye.
You are the voice of your Mother's laughter.
You are here and
You are now and you will be.
And look at you!
You look pretty wonderful to me.
You are you, Natalia.
You are our friend.
We will walk with you
And we will love you.

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  1. Very moving. Beauty and laughter and continuity. So fitting.


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