Make Your Keyboard Child-friendly

All children learn to form lower case letters first. 

Children with Down's Syndrome might need to use programmes such as Clicker to assist them in the early stages of writing. They can't hope to equate the capital letters shown on a keyboard with the symbols they are learning to form themselves. 

Enter an inexpensive set of lowercase keyboard stickers. We bought ours from Amazon at around £5, but many SEN sites also sell them.

Be warned... you need a steady hand to complete the lowercasification task!


  1. Great idea however if your child is the type to happily get involved with peeling the stickers off (or as in the case of one child I worked with, rearranging them nicely alphabetically!) lower case keyboards can be purchased very cheaply for example

    1. Hee thank you! This is for use at home, so I hope they will survive a little while ;)


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