Thank You Mummy's Little Monkey

It doesn't take much to bring a tear to my eye, but this week it was the turn of Mummy's Little Monkey to do so... for the lovliest of reasons.

Jacqui is an accomplished blogger and writer, an old hand at this game, and I was utterly astonished when she pinpointed our little Downs Side Up family as worthy if a gift. Yes, a random gift, just for being us.

The parcel arrived with a DVD for DaddyDSU and I, one for the girls, Lush goodies galore, and a pretty Luna bracelet for our little ambassador.

Read Jacqui's post here Spread a Smile (downs side up)

I think this is such a lovely idea, and really did bring me a lot of joy at a time when I was spending too many hours 'downssideupping'. I might just pass the love on in the future and carry on this tradition with a gift of my own.

Thank you from us all Jacqui. 
(Bob says he assumes the pink bath bombs are for him ;) )

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