Mummy and Daddy Love You Both More than Words Can Say

Mummy and Daddy Downs Side Up
Just a couple of weeks ago Natty spontaneously said "I Love You" for the first time. Those three words that mean so much.

She'd signed it, repeated it back to us, shown us with hugs and squeezes, even said "Mummy, Daddy, you happy me", but this was a new high for us.

Mia continues to tell us daily with words, poems, drawings and letters.

Here are some words I wrote for the girls at the beginning of the school year, on Natty's fisrt day, exactly a year ago. We gave it to them in an envelope with a gift of flowers. This was written before I began blogging.

Mummy and Daddy are so very proud of you both for so many different reasons...

Mia Bella, you were born beautiful and smart, dark and strong, with a wise knowing face that midwives said 'showed you had been here before'. You instinctively and impulsively knew what you wanted out of life from day 1, and communicated it to everyone around you. 

7 years on, you are not only clever, musical, artistic, feisty and unafraid to stand out and be different, but you are the most caring and thoughtful and hilarious friend, clasmate and family member anyone could wish for.
Believe me, you will get there, wherever 'there' is.

Natalia, you have overcome obstacles that few can comprehend. You fought for your life in those first weeks in intensive care. You learnt to breastfeed after 3 months, against all odds. You survived heart surgery. You have learnt to walk and talk and smile and sing and paint and cook and ride horses amd make friends. Most of all you have changed opinions and melted stereotypes wherever you go. Today you confidently stride into mainstream school, making a mockery of all who doubted you ever would. This is the beginning of a new and long journey, but it is an exciting one.

We love you both more than words can say xxxx


  1. This is beautiful. So important to record the love and memories of our children. They will treasure these words forever :)

  2. Beautiful letter for your beautiful girls x

  3. I hope to meet Natty one day, a true superstar, as is her mummy!

  4. All we need is love. The world needs plenty of it. May it ever flow... Thankyou for sharing that lovely story.


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