A little gift for our 2000th Twitter follower

Since attending a very interesting seminar at the Britmums Live conference, entitled Sod the Stats, led by some of my most admired bloggers, I have been all the more determined to blog for the right reasons. Numbers do not count, but reaching the right people with your message does. Competing with other bloggers is futile, finding your own unique voice is all that matters.  This is one of the reasons that I am often guilty of not regularly reading blogs that are similar in topic to my own, for as supportive as we all are of each other we have to come to each and every post afresh.

Anyhow, that said, I happened to be online when my 2000th Twitter follower, EM_and_Lola, hopped aboard last week. I smiled. She clearly spotted the number as well, and wrote saying that she was excited to be the 2000th Downssideupper.

Well, like all our followers she was so lovely and supportive, and a single mum of a gorgeous little girl to boot, so I decided on the spur of the moment to send her a little gift to celebrate.

Gifts donated by Disney at Britmums Live and Disco Beads
I had a little Disney Minnie Mouse that had been part of my overly generous swag bag from the Britmums Live blogging event this year. (You know, the one that caused a sore shoulder carrying it home ;) )

For Em herself, something a little more special. 
I approached my wonderful friends over at Disco Beads and asked if they might consider a donation. Ever generous and warm of spirit they said yes straight away. If you don't already know Disco Beads, they make funky, affordable jewellery, charms and mobiles in beads that shine like cats' eyes in the light. They come in every conceiveable colour and can be made to order.
Billy and Vicky made Em a beautiful champagne gold double bracelet with extra sparkle. In exchange I gave them some home-grown broccoli and curly Kale and an IOU for some freshly laid eggs. That's how life should be.

I hope she likes it xxx

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