Respite, 70s fashion!

We don't get out often enough. Who does?

So much to do, expensive, tired.

We're home birds, like our own fayre.

Nice film and a glass of red.

For a 40th we made the effort.

70s the name of the game.

Flamable polyester, larmé and wigs

sweaty and itchy but oh! what fun.

We laughed, danced, ate

prawns in a cocktail, chicken chasseur

and yes, there were shots

of vodka. Not wise.

To mingle and relax

forget the worries, 

 appointments, therapies, deadlines

THAT is respite.

Go get some x 

To read what happened to me when I didn't take any respite, and the need for dear old friends to put it better.

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  1. ha very cool!! love the pic and sounds like you had a fun evening..and glad that vanessa persuaded you to link up..smiles


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