Our little film: What to Say When a Baby is Born with Down's Syndrome

To mark Downs Side Up's first anniversary last week, I recorded a reading of the most popular blog post of the year; What to Say When a Baby is Born with Down's Syndrome.

It was written as advice for friends and family predominently, but it turns out that it is useful for anyone and everyone who knows someone whose baby is born with a disability, illness or prematurely. It has fairly universal appeal therefore.

It's the post I read at Britmums Live this year, causing 500 women and a few men to blub uncontrollably into their glasses of Chardonnay. Most kindly, they gave me a standing ovation for upsetting them.

Anyway, here it is. I hope you enjoy it. Brew a cuppa first, it's 20 minutes long, but it might just change your life...


  1. Stumbled across your website as I was doing some research last week. I'm looking forward to perusing your posts. Thanks for sharing your and Natty's life with us.

    1. Glad you found our site useful. I'm always happy to help if I can Andrew.


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