Tracy's Story of life with Miles

Tracy Upton, better known as one of the wonderfully inspiring duo Singing Hands, has had an article published about her journey with her son Miles since he was born. 

The Singing Hands: Suzanne and Tracy

The article, published in Families Upon Thames, resonated with me on so many levels, from the shock at birth, to how very much she has learnt so many life lessons from Miles, and the motivation he has given her to get out there and make a real difference for so many others.

Singing Hands DVDs are never more than a couple of days away from the TV screens in our house. Before Natty could talk, she could sign I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas after only watching the incredibly catchy ladies about 3 times, and she continued to sign that song until about June of the following year, such is the extent of how memorable they made it.

 Read Tracy's amazing story here.
So honoured to have been given a mention too.

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