Blending CVC Words and Making Biscuits!

Learning to read and write through cooking. What better way to a little girl's head, than through her tummy. Here's what Natty and I got up to on our latest home school day.

1) We looked at pictures I had downloaded of ingredients for our cookies. (Constipation busting ones of course!) We said the words aloud together, shouted and whispered them, giggling.

2) I gave Natty 2 copies of each picture and she did a little matching game all by herself, finding 'the same'.

3) Then we took the pictures to the food cupboard/fridge and using the visual prompts, Natty found each ingredient.

4) We assembled the ingredients and together weighed and mixed them.

5) After rolling out the dough, Natty created her own shapes and I cut freehand letter shapes, which we then baked.

6) Then the really fun bit. Natty made words from the cookies and drew around each letter with her finger, using the Ruth Miskin flashcards and chanting the rhyme to remember how to write each one.
p - down the plait and round the pirate's head
i - down the insect's body and a dot for its head
n - down the net and around the net
t - down the tower and across the tower
s - down the snake
a - round the apple and down the leaf

Natty traces round the letters with her finger.

7) We ate our words!

Cookie recipe from the BBC adapted to bust constipation!
I usually mix flaxseed/ crushed linseeds in with the seed/nut element of the recipe as this is a gentle but powerful laxative, and replace some of the flour with wholemeal flour. I have been known to include some prune juice too. You can add cocoa powder to make chocolate cookies if your children like that.

Here are some we made earlier!

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