Makaton Advent Calendar and Shabang Calendar for 2013

December is here!

A time for little ones to get beside themselves with excitement, a time for high street frenzies, a time for Mums and Dads to step up a gear. 
I for one am panicking about fitting everything in and it's Natty's birthday in a couple of days too!

Anyway, to help keep us on track many of us will be opening our advent calendars now. Downs Side Up were lucky enough to be asked to take part in a novel new online one, organised by the Makaton Charity, those amazing people who enable our children to communicate with us. Each day you can click on a window to see a short film of children signing a Christmas word or seasonal song. 

I somehow missed the email asking us to take part, so had about 48 hours to plan and film it. Mia was in a bad mood, Natty wanted a poo, picked her nose, looked the wrong way, the sun was in their eyes, it was too cold standing by the log pile, the fire didn't look right unlit, the light was wrong, they signed with their hands the wrong way round, they had a little disagreement, they were hungry, the phone rang, the snowman was over the wrong shoulder..... 

and finally, at the end of the day, when I'd nearly given up and they were in their PJs ready for bed, we got a cute take. Natty and Mia are signing 'snowman' on Day 3. 

View the free calendar here Makaton Advent Calendar
There is also an option to make a small donation if you wish.

Looking forward to the New Year, Shabang Theatre (their website is well worth checking out for other resources) have brought out a lovely 2013 calendar which would make an ideal Christmas gift. It features lots of happy children who happen to have disabilities, role models for us all indeed. It is bright, cheerful and guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face.

Natty smiles at her Shabang calendar friends

The numbers are bold, as are the days of the week, with weekends in a different colour and it also features 3 Makaton symbols and signs to learn per month. So I think it will make an excellent teaching resource as well. 
I was lucky enough to have been sent one as a gift. I'm certain they will be brightening up many a kitchen from next month and you can buy them from the website, priced £9.99.

December page for next year

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