Britmums January 2013 SEN Blog Round-Up

Welcome to my first round-up of 2013. Remember to leave a comment or join in the linky at the bottom if you’d like one of your posts included in next month’s round-up.
For all of us, whatever our faith, background or ideals, a new year is a time to think about new beginnings. It is a time to draw a line on the things that did not go to plan and put box up negative feelings and experiences. It is a chance to pull the best threads of the past year together. This month, I have chosen a set of blogs that do just this. Some of the bloggers are grateful to have had wonderful years and are keen to see that continue in 2013. Others have taken on new roles or challenges to inspire others and develop themselves and their families in the coming months. A few have had the most challenging years of their lives, but their ability to bravely search for the silver linings, even if they haven’t quite found them yet, has particularly struck me.
So grab a cuppa, plonk your bottom down in a comfy chair, and have a read through my favourite blog posts of January 2013 thus far in:
January Britmums SEN Round-Up 

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