Teaching a Visual Learner about Jobs

I haven't written one of our HOME SCHOOLING posts for a while now.
I flexi-school Natty at home one day per week which allows her a quiet day with undivided attention to focus on her reading, writing and numeracy skills. We also do a hearty slice of life skills, such as cooking, laundry sorting, grocery shopping, even bed-making. We then usually fit in a SWIM or a run on the beach. Natty gets a mid-week rest which she so often needs and, quite simply, we love our time together.

This half term the topic at school is JOBS. Natty knew a few of the more obvious roles, perhaps those involving uniforms or the ones that feature in her life like doctors and dentists. The other jobs I chose to focus on today were those I knew she understood and had met, but perhaps didn't know the term for. So here are the activities we enjoyed together:

1) I found and copied pictures of people doing jobs. These are readily available to download free from many online educational sites.

2) I copied 2 sheets of these images. Natty coloured in and drew on one as we chatted about what the people were doing.

3) I cut up Natty's coloured in sheet to make smaller individual flash cards. We labelled each picture with the job title.

4) Natty matched the flashcard to each picture and we repeated the words and talked about what the people were doing again, using Makaton if necessary.

5) We then went to find a story about jobs and cuddled up to read together. Natty chose Doctor Daisy.

6) Finally we raided the dressing up box and Natty dressed in as many different job outfits as she could think of. As you can see from the doctor's afro (formerly to be spotted on Daddy Downs Side Up at a 70s party) Natty had a free range over her choice of what to wear for each outfit.
Mind you, the firewoman's backwards baseball cap is a little unorthodox too.

There is no right or wrong way to teach your child at home. Just choose what they enjoy doing and adapt it. Most of all have fun and enjoy each other's company.

For more ideas such as learning about fruit and veg, shapes, textures, reading and writing skills, have a look at our ACTIVITIES TO TRY AT HOME page.