Can't Care, Won't Care - Lloyd Page

Last year I was honoured to meet campaigner, speaker, writer and journalist Lloyd Page at the British Institute of Learning Disabilities Annual Conference. 

Lloyd is a wonderfully warm man, who helped me greatly with my nerves as I prepared to deliver my keynote speech. He also happens to have a learning disability himself. The experience of meeting Lloyd and other movers and shakers was so life changing and inspirational that I wrote about it here in Innovation, Imagination, Inspiration

Lloyd rang me this morning to let me know that he has an article  published on the Channel 4 blog. It is called Can't Care, Won't Care: Has the NHS really changed? And tackles the subject of Death by Indifference. The startling reality that people with learning disabilities are actually dying in our hospitals simply because their needs are not being understood.

This is a subject I am passionate about, but Lloyd writes about it in the most powerful way imaginable. Please read and share.

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